Comprehensive Solutions Blanket Your Company in Protection


Keeping your data, systems, and users protected from cyber threats and hackers is critical today. Your business needs solutions that provide persistent, comprehensive, and continuously updated coverage. At GDH Professional Services, we offer an array of security services, including:

[fa icon="plus-square"] NGEN Firewall Assessment, Recommendation and Migration Service

You need next-generation firewalls that proactively detect changes in network traffic. GDH Professional Services will assess, configure, validate, and tune your firewall tools to provide you with advanced protections. Our services will find expired, unused and misconfigured rule sets and develop best practices for your firewall settings.


Next-gen firewalls help you control traffic that enters and exits your network and have increased control, improved security, and other essential features.


These newer firewalls also simplify your functionality and management of previously manual tasks using automated security features to manage application IDs, user IDs, and web content filtering. Reduced complexity means easier management of security policies, monitoring, and reporting.


Your protective options include other tools that protect against data loss, including anti-malware and anti-spam tools, identity services, ransomware defenses, and VPN security.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Understanding your vulnerabilities informs what’s necessary to keep your company protected with a secure data network and stable hardware. GDH Professional Services provides comprehensive cybersecurity assessment services, including:

  • - External and Internal Vulnerability Assessments: Comprehensive analyses that identify, quantify, and prioritize system vulnerabilities
  • - External Penetration Testing: Tests Cybersecurity Asset Capability to Withstand an Attack
    •                  - Black Box Test
    •                  - White Box Test
  • - Web Application Assessments:  Web security experts evaluate your web app vulnerabilities created by flaws in the development, configuration, deployment, upgrade process, maintenance or third-party add-ons of the application, and then provide a road map for remediation.   Deep examination identifies vulnerabilities using simulated attacks of web-based apps identify weaknesses that need corrective action.  The testing provides a comprehensive analysis of code quality, application design, and system architecture.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Compliance Gap Analysis

GDH Professional Services conducts comprehensive gap analyses comparing your security program to best practices within your industry. We provide insights on vulnerabilities and risks that also ensure regulatory compliance. Our 4-step process:

  • - Identify an Appropriate Industry Standard Cybersecurity Framework. We identify the framework that addresses regulatory compliance mandates for your environment: patient data, government contractors, payment cards, or other requirements.  Examples of frameworks are NIST, HIPAA, CJIS and CIPA.
  • - Evaluate People and Processes. Our assessments evaluate your IT environment, application inventory, organizational charts, policies and processes, and other relevant details. We interview key stakeholders, HR and legal staff, IT professionals, and security administrators.
  • - Data Collection/Technology. We collect data to deepen our knowledge of how your security apparatus operates within your organization. We compare your organizational controls, devices, servers, and applications to:
    • - Identify gaps and vulnerabilities
    • - Assess automated security features
    • - Evaluate incident response procedures, communications protocols, and log files
  • - Analysis/Recommendation. We analyze the information we've gathered to develop a security roadmap for your organization. This plan takes several factors into account, including budget and staffing needs, areas of risk, and business priorities.
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    "Custom Modules allow HubSpot designers and developers to create a custom group of editable content objects that maintain their style across individual templates and pages on HubSpot's COS"

    John Doe

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    "Custom Modules allow HubSpot designers and developers to create a custom group of editable content objects that maintain their style across individual templates and pages on HubSpot's COS"

    John Doe

    - Technical Writer, Software