Keep Your Projects on Track and Fully Benefiting Your Business


You need projects to deliver on time and on budget. Find out how to get your teams working effectively and efficiently with a proven methodology that drives predictable results. With GDH Professional Services as your trusted partner, you can:


- Meet project objectives (cost savings, business outcomes)
- Maximize resources
- Launch a PMO
- Recover wayward projects


Versatility matters in program and project management. Our teams specialize in:

  • - Managing strategic, mission-critical (can't fail) initiatives  - Recovering troubled projects    
    - Rapid diagnosis of problems - Instituting course directions    
    - Bringing projects back on track - Filling skill set gaps
    - Managing key resource dependency issues - Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity
    - Managing internal resource acquisition, structure, and use  
[fa icon="plus-square"] Deploying a New PMO

When launching a new PMO, GDH Professional Services assesses the current environment and develops a deployment roadmap that fits your organization’s culture and operating practices. We will work with you to identify, prioritize, and establish a set of fundamental PMO functions and services, including:


  • - Establishing governance standards
  • - Developing the PMO charter and communications plan
  • - Identifying resource needs and performance measures
  • - Incorporating the right repeatable delivery processes 
  • - Improving staff competencies through training and mentoring


Our services include recommendations for improving existing PMOs. We work closely with your organization to develop a transformational roadmap, identify areas of opportunity, and create an implementation plan for execution. 


GDH Professional Services uses its disciplined and proven program/project management methodology to establish best practices in your organization.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Program/Project Management Leadership

GDH Professional Services provides highly experienced program and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support your high-visibility initiatives. Our program and project managers predictably, effectively, and efficiently complete projects on time and within budget.


Our teams work to understand your organization’s needs and the complexity of your projects. We leverage our methodology which includes established financial management tools that help to define projects, estimate costs, and track actuals to budget. With clear communication channels, we ensure that stakeholder and constituent expectations are managed effectively.


We also ensure that cost-effective, scalable, and reliable IT solutions deliver the envisioned business value. We can own an entire project or collaborate closely with your engineering staff to implement new technology and functionality into your network.


Our skilled project and program managers each average 15 years of experience and bring domain, business, and technical expertise with the leadership skills to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives. Our teams address all facets of large initiatives, including:


  • - Business case development
  • - Scope definition
  • - Planning
  • - Budget management
  • - Issues/risk/dependency management
  • - Release definition
  • - Management of development/test/deployment


In addition to traditional program management, GDH Professional Services' project recovery experts can get waning projects back on track.  We review the project's current state and identify areas in jeopardy, whether related to scope, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring and control. 


With your guidance, we’ll present our assessment to senior leadership, recognizing the project's accomplishments to date and calling out issues that caused it to veer off track. We will also present a corrective action plan. Once accepted, our recovery experts can lead the turnaround initiative or mentor your project team through the recovery process.

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    "Custom Modules allow HubSpot designers and developers to create a custom group of editable content objects that maintain their style across individual templates and pages on HubSpot's COS"

    John Doe

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